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Human Nervous System


The functional unit of the human nervous system is the neuron. The human nervous system has two parts.

Part-1 Central nervous system

This part includes the spinal cord and brain


The brain has three parts. 

  1. Front Brain
  • The thalamus, cerebrum, hypothalamus glands are found in the brain. 
  • The cerebrum controls intelligence and memory. 
  • Thalamus makes a man feel pain, cold, hot. 
  • The hypothalamus controls hunger, thirst, love, hatred, heat control, sweating, anger, happiness, etc. in humans.

2. Middle Brain

  • Corpora quadrigeminal and peribrum pedicle are found in the middle brain. 
  • Corpus quality controls ground vision and hearing power

3. Posterior Brain

  • The cerebellum and medulla oblongata are present in the posterior brain. 
  • The cerebellum performs the task of balancing the body with the help of the ear. 
  • Medulla oblongata controls heartbeat and respiration.


Part-2 Peripheral Nervous System

  • A network of neurons is present in the peripheral nervous system. 
  • This neuron transmits the message from one place to another through electrical impulses. 
  • This electrical impulse travels from one nerve cell to another nerve cell via the synapse synaptic crack. 



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