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Human Glands and Harmones Notes For All Exams


Endocrine Glands


is the largest gland in the body. It weighs from 1.2 kg to 1.5 kg. The liver is the structural and functional unit of the liver. Bile is secreted by the liver, which collects in the papilla. The liver converts glucose into glycogen and stores it in haptic cells. Heparin is secreted by the liver, which prevents blood from freezing in the body. The body temperature is controlled by the liver.


Pancreatic Gland 

both endocrine and exocrine glands. For this reason, it is also called a mixed gland. How pancreatic juice is made by pancreatic is also called full digestive juice. Insulin is released from the beta cells of the Langerhans islands present in the pancreas. This insulin converts glucose into glycogen. It contains glucone by the alpha cells present, which converts glycogen back to glucose.


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