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Excretory System in Human and other Insects


Excretory System is the biological process in which the body removes harmful metabolic compounds.

Excretory System in Various Animals

  • The excretory organ in earthworms and other annelids is kidney. These animals emit nitrogenous wastes.
  • The cockroach has an excretory organ named Melpigi ducts. It emits nitrogen waste.
  • Crustacean animals such as shrimp have horny glands or green glands present as excretory organs.


Human Excretory System

An important part of the human excretory system is the kidney, a urinary duct, a bladder, and a urethra. 



  • It weighs about 120 to 170 grams. It is shaped like an apple seed. Its color is dark brown-red.
  • In the kidney, nitrogenous taboos such as urea or uric acid are separated from the blood.
  • The kidney has a cluster of very thin mural blood cells. Each cell in the kidney is inside the cup-shaped end of a tube. This tube collects filtered urine. Each group has many filtration units known as vascular nephrons. The nephron is the functional unit of the Kidney.
  • The urine produced in each kidney enters a long tube, the ureter, which connects the kidney to the bladder.



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