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Human Health and Disease



Vitamins are the controller of metabolic functions. They do not provide any kind of energy.

The Vitamins are divided into two parts on the basis of solubility in water.

  1. Water-Soluble Vitamins: Vitamin B and C are water-soluble vitamins.
  2. Non-Water Soluble Vitamins: Vitamins A, D, E and K are water-insoluble vitamins but soluble in fats or organic solvents.
  • Synthesis of vitamins D and K takes place in our body.
  • Vitamin D is synthesized by the cholesterol of the skin by ultraviolet rays in the presence of sunlight.
  • Vitamin K is synthesized in our body colon by bacteria.


Vitamin Deficiency Diseases

VitaminChemical NameDisease
ARetinolNight blindness, Xerophthalmia
B-1ThiamineBarry-Barry Disease
B-3NiacinPellagra and 4-D-Syndrome
B-5Pantothenic AcidRetardation and Hair Fall
B-6WhiteningPyridoxineAnemia and Skin Disease
B-7biotinParalysis and hair loss
B-11folic acidanemia and dysentery disease
B-12Cyanocobalaminanemia and jaundice
Cascorbic acidscurvy(cellar disease), gumthe efflorescence
DKailsifarolRickets, Osteomalacia
ETocopherolstains and Wrinkle on face
KFilokvinonHelp in blood-clotting


Human Disease

Human Disease caused by Protozoa

diseaseaffected organdisease carriers
Malariared blood corpusclesPlasmodium Anoflij
PyorrheagumsAntiamiba Jinjiwalis
Sleep DisordersbrainEntamoeba Histolytica
DysenteryvisceralLeishmania donovani (sandfly)
kala-azarbone marrowAscaris
CreationsTrypanosoma (C-C fly)


Human Disease Caused by Bacteria

diseaseaffects organdysfunction carrier
TetanusClostridium Tetani
Typhoid (Widel-test) intestine
Salmonella typhi
Heja intestineVibrio cholerae

Plague / TB

lungMycobacterium tuberculosis

(BCG vaccine)

DiphtheriaRespiratory system
Plague (Black Death)lungPashcrela pestis
PertussisRespiratoryHaemophilus Pertussis
PneumoniaPleuralStreptokoks Numoni
leprosyskinMaikrobakteriam Lepraa
GonorrheaUrinary Tract
SyphilisShisnTreponema Pallidum


Human Disease caused by Virus

Diseaseaffected organdisease carriers
AIDSImmune SystemHIV
DengueArbovirus (female Aedes mosquito)
SmallpoxVariola virus
Varicella (Chickenpox)Viruela virus
RabiesRebdo virus


Human Disease Caused by the Worm

DiseaseAffected OrganCarrier
HathyPav (filariasis)Wuchereria Bancofti (culex mosquito)

Some important facts:

  • It is a disease caused by cadmium in water.
  • Yellow fever is caused by Aedes mosquito bites.
  • The blue baby syndrome is caused by drinking nitrogen-rich water.
  • Lung cancer is called Mizothalamia.
  • ELISA test is done to check HIV.
  • Western blot test is done to check HIV.
  • How is an appointment test done to check for HIV.
  • For HIV positive people, adizothymine drug and antiretroviral therapy are used.
  • The DPT vaccine is administered for diphtheria, whooping cough, and tetanus disease.



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